In Which I Embark Upon A Great Adventure!

It’s been close to a decade since I got the rights reverted on all my out of print books. I’ve been meaning to get them republished in some easily available form. Actually doing it fell off the back of the truck many, many times. In part this is because I would rather lick a high voltage line while standing in a puddle of salt water than deal with this. But this fall finds me between projects, and unable to avoid the inevitable. I asked for help about this on Facebook, and got more posts along the lines of “when you figure it out, tell me how it’s done” than helpful advice. A search on Amazon revealed that the general “how to” books are at least three years old. Clearly there is interest in a guide through the dark jungles of epublishing, or perhaps a team of sled dogs to pull one through the Great White Waste of pixels.

So, join me on this journey into the wilderness of epublishing. Together we’ll map the territory, plan a path, assemble provisions, and launch our boats on the river through the Great Unknown. Comments, helpful suggestions, and observations from those with experience are always welcome. Comments will be moderated, not only for abusive and obnoxious speech, but also for rampant self-indulgence and levels of self-promotion unbecoming to gentlemen and women.


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  1. You might consider reaching out to MCA Hogarth. She’s very active in her science fiction and fantasy authorship, and does a lot of self-publishing. I know she has excellent resource books available, and she’s very freely forthcoming with a lot of valuable advice. She’s also the vice-president of the SFWA, so, she puts in that extra effort to help past and current members. 🙂

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