Back when Virtual Girl first came out, I carried a little book around so that I could get the autographs of the people who asked me to sign their copies of my books.  I hope you’ll treat this page the same way.  Sign in, ask me a question (I need to create a FAQ page!), or tell me about yourself.

Thanks, and Welcome.

[Insert gif of my autograph here!]


4 responses to “Guestbook

  1. Ellen Eades

    Hi Amy! Congrats on a spiffy website! Now get back to writing!

  2. Hi! Glad you now have this page. So far, so good. Y un gran abrazo. MJ

  3. Oh, so you want comments on books *here* instead of separately about each book in the ‘books’ section?. OK. As you know, for me this book is awesome and, as I just said to someone, I use this book to entice people into SF. The scene of the ecology of the tree is superb — and though all the details are different (it’s another world) it is a magnificent analogy of what a tree is right here on this world. Inter alia, in such a magnificent book.

  4. And me again. I am muchly looking forward to Nomad, as you know. Are there any plans for a collection of your short stories? I don’t believe I have read any of them.

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