Storyteller is most likely the book of mine that you’ve never heard of.  It got great reviews, but for some reason never sold much.  Storyteller is the book I’m proudest of.

I’ve always loved islands. In the course of my life I’ve visited archipelagoes in just about every major ocean: The Seychelles, The Comoros and Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean, the Galapagos, the Aleutians, and Hawaii in the Pacific, and the Florida Keys, the Falklands, and a number of other sub-Antarctic islands in the Atlantic.  I’m fascinated by their delicate unique ecosystems.  I wanted to build a world of islands.  I also wanted to surf the boundary between fantasy and science fiction, creating a work of SF that feels like fantasy.  And of course I included a cool, weird alien species: The harsel, a biological sailboat.  A ship with attitude.

But the characters became the forefront of the novel, the mysterious itinerant storyteller, Teller, Samad, a street urchin who adopted Teller, and Abeha, the huge harsel who shares a deep telepathic bond with Teller.  Together they travel the seas of Thalassa, passing along the planet’s culture and history.  Teller trains Samad to follow in her footsteps.  Then Samad discovers the secret at the heart of Teller’s life, a secret that brings with it difficult and painful choices.

There’s a lot in Storyteller: Love, death, growing up, immortality, duty, and addiction.  I hope you join me on this wonderful undiscovered world!

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